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The Chair Awaits

The Chair Awaits

For Clayton,

My Love

Where did we go wrong?


Do You Love Me?


Every time I see you,

I wonder what to say

I’d like to say ‘I Love You’

But you don’t feel that way.


I’d give anything to go back

To the way things used to be

When my heart belonged to you

And yours belonged to me.


If you knew the way I feel

I wonder what you would do.

Would you laugh, walk away,

Or would you say ‘I Love You, Too’?


I know that I made a mistake

And I regret it everyday

But we were meant to be together

Can you find forgiveness somehow, someway?


You’re the only one I ever really loved

And you said you loved me too

You’re me soul mate, the one l need,

How can I go on without you?


If only I knew what you are thinking

When you look at me

Is a friend or an old love

Really all you see?


Or is it possible that you just might

Still feel ‘that way’

And that there might be a chance

For us, somehow, someway?